Lyris User's Guide
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Server Administrator
Table of Contents
Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Overview of Server Administrator
Server Admin Menu
Sites Menu
Sites Menu First Page
Create Site
Site Name
Site Description
Site Logo
Site URL
Banned Members
Accepted Members
Site Message Header
Site Message Footer
Site Admin
Server Config
Activation code and admin contact
Activation Code
Admin Email Address
TCP/IP Settings
DNS Server
Multiple TCP/IP addresses
Lyris List Manager URL
Mail Receiving Settings
Incoming From: Mail Rewrites
Incoming To: Mail Rewrites
Ban Mail From
Accept Mail From
Remove Lyris List Manager Addresses
Mail Receive Rules
Max Message Size
Incoming Mail Processing
Fast Bounce Handling
Loop Detection
Loop Exception
Disable From: Checking
Disable Subject: Checking
Disable first line Checking
Clean Incoming Mail Queue
Mail Delivery Settings
Forward Mail
Relay Host
Forwarding Orders
Delivery Speed
Max Send Jobs
Enable DNS Caching
Mail Delivery Statistics Size
Mail Delivery Statistics Interval
In-Memory Processing
Enable Logging
Enable Debug Mail
Default Delivery Domain
Member Cache
Clean Outgoing Mail Queue
Lyris List Manager Command Protocol (LCP) Settings
LCP Hosts
LCP Password
LCP Port
Server Headers and Footers
Server Message Header
Server Message Footer
Programming Extensions at the Server Level
Run program before lyris@
Run program after lyris@
Extensions Directory
Disable Extensions
Enable Newsgroups
Newsgroup Port
Miscellaneous Server Config Settings
Auto-Hold Users
Rewrite Purge-Id Tag
Server Documents
First Document Page
Create Document
A Sample "Hello" Document
Server Action Phrases
First Action Phrase Page
Create Phrase
Response Document
Replace With
Run a program before Phrase
Run a program after Phrase
Notify Who of Action Phrase
First Auto-Responder Page
Create Auto-Responder
Auto-Responder Email Address
Run a program before Auto-Responder
Run a program after Auto-Responder
Server People
First People Page
Create Person
Incoming Mail
View, Sort and Select Incoming Messages
Incoming Mail Information
How long is Incoming Mail Saved?
Outgoing Mail
Select Outgoing Messages
Outgoing Mail Information
How long is Outgoing Mail Saved?
Server Admin Log
View Log Entry
Shutdown Server
Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions

Server Administrator

Overview of Server Administrator

Server Admin Menu

Sites Menu

Server Config

Server Documents

Server Action Phrases

Server People


Incoming Mail

Outgoing Mail

Server Admin Log

Shutdown Server

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