Lyris User's Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Contents
Email Commands
Web Interface for Users
Server Administrator
Site Administrator
List Administrator
Other Topics
Add-On Packages
Installing and Upgrading
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a DocBot?
How do DocBots Work?
How do I create a DocBot?
Running Lyris List Manager
What machine should I buy to run Lyris List Manager on?
How to start the Lyris List Manager server
How to bring up the Web Interface
How much bandwidth do you need?
Platinum Plus
Do you need a Mail Server to Use Lyris List Manager on NT?
Forgotten Password
Windows NT vs. Windows 95
How can I extend Lyris List Manager with my own programs?
How can I be certain my Email Messages were delivered?
What Email Commands does Lyris List Manager support?
Why does Lyris List Manager not use Sendmail?
How do I subscribe people automatically?
Lyris List Manager Administration
How do I delete messages from the Archives?
How do I export my List Archives?
How do I shut down the Lyris List Manager?
Web Browsers
How do I use the "Virtual Server" capability?
What about Lynx and Text Mode Web Users?
How can I customize the Web Interface?
Usenet Newsgroups
What about Usenet Newsgroups?
What non-English Languages do you support?
Other FAQ issues
Making Lyris List Manager Run Faster
How does searching work?
How can I get the MultiView version of Lyris List Manager?
Can Lyris List Manager work on an Intranet?
Mailing List Features
How can I make a private list?
How can I make a moderated list?
How can Members "expire" after a certain time period?
How do I approve Moderated Messages in bulk?
One Way Mailing Lists
How do I make a Mailing List that sends to several Mailing lists?
How do I add a CancelBot to my mailing list?
What Happens to Bad Mail Addresses?
What about MIME Digests?
How to use Lyris List Manager Extensions
How Lyris List Manager Decides Who to Unsubscribe
Perl/LCP Toolkit
How do I validate Email Addresses in my Perl programs?
Sample program - Import List of Email Addresses
Sample Program: import mailing list archives
Unix Administration

Frequently Asked Questions


Running Lyris List Manager


Lyris List Manager Administration

Web Browsers

Usenet Newsgroups


Other FAQ issues

Mailing List Features

Perl/LCP Toolkit

Unix Administration

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