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Lyris List Manager Does Not Respond to Email I Send it
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Lyris List Manager Does Not Respond to Email I Send it
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Lyris List Manager Does Not Respond to Email I Send it

If, when you send mail to Lyris List Manager, you never receive a response, it is likely that Lyris List Manager is not receiving your message. In such a case, it is most likely that your Domain Name Service information is set up incorrectly and that your mail program is actually sending your mail elsewhere.

Very often, the DNS for your organization has been set up so that email sent to a specific machine is routed to a mail server rather than to that specific machine. For instance, the "mail preference" setting for a machine named "" could be set up so that mail to "" is instead sent to "". In such a case, the mail never gets to (the machine running Lyris List Manager). That, of course, causes problems.

If you are sure that your DNS is set up correctly, here is how you peek into Lyris List Manager to see what it happening to incoming mail.

If you have a database program that can read FoxPro files (MS Access, for instance) you can look at the "inmail.dbf" table, and all messages that Lyris List Manager has received will be there, along with their processing "status".

Another way is to run Lyris List Manager with "debug" on the command line ("lyris debug"). You will then be displayed information as events occur. Start the Lyris List Manager Server, and wait for the startup events to end. Then, mail your message. If the message gets to Lyris List Manager, you will see a bunch of activity for a few seconds as the message comes in and is processed.

Here is a sample, correctly set up DNS entry. Notice how "mail exchanger" with the lowest preference (preference = 5) is the machine itself. This DNS is set up so that any mail to is sent directly to The preference=10 line indicates that if for some reason the preference=5 host is not available (perhaps it is turned off) then mail will be accepted by, who will most likely hold the mail and deliver it to once that host is once again reachable.

Address: internet address = preference = 5, mail exchanger = preference = 10, mail exchanger = nameserver = nameserver = internet address = internet address = internet address = internet address =

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