Creating Content -- Overview


To send a message to your list, you may first create the content of the message. Once you've created content, you may combine it with a list or segment to create a new mailing or use it in a split test.


The Content: Edit Content screen is exactly like the Content: New Content screen.


NOTE: The HTML Editor does not support Javascript.


Creating New Content


1. In the left Navigation Bar, click Content, then click View Content, and then click the Create New button. This takes you to the Content: Create New Content : Essentials tab.


2. Enter a Name and Description to identify the content.


3. Enter the email address of who the message should appear to be From:. By default, your email address will appear there. To customize the message, select Insert Field to insert a mail merge field or an autoresponder address.


4. Enter the email address of who the message should be To:. By default, the To: field is set to %%nameemail%%, which will merge in the name and email address of each recipient. To customize the message further, select Insert Field to insert a mail merge field.


The To: field does not actually select the message's recipients. When building your mailing, you'll specify the segment or lists to whom you'd like to send the message.


5. Enter the Subject: of the message. Recipients will see this line as the subject of the message they receive. To customize the subject line for each recipient, select Insert Field to insert a mail merge field.


6. Select the Text Message or HTML Message tab, and type or paste the contents of your message in the field.


You may create just a text or HTML body, and that is what will be sent to your recipients. Or, you can create both, and send a message that has both text and HTML. This format is called multipart-alternative, and ListManager will create the correct headers and boundaries automatically. Recipients who can see HTML will only see your HTML message; those who can't, will see the text.


You can customize your message for every recipient by selecting Insert Field or Insert Condition. Track which URLs recipients click by using Insert URL.


7. Select the Advanced tab for advanced options such as adding headers or joining other tables.


8. To select a different character set, click the Internationalization tab.



9. Do one of the following:


To save your content: click Save. This returns you to the main Content page.

To save your content and see what it would look like in a message: click Save and Test.

To create a mailing using your content: click Create Mailing.


Editing Content


Editing content is much like creating new content. Note that you cannot edit the built-in content templates. To edit preexisting content, follow these steps:


1. Go to the Content main page.


2. Click the name of the content you'd like to edit or click the Edit command for the content.


3. Edit the content as desired.


4. Click Save, or Save and test.


Important note for users of earlier versions of ListManager: The list, site or server message wrapping will not be automatically included to your message if you create it through the ListManager administrator GUI. Please remember to add these instructions to your content or mailing, or send the message to the list via email. See Content: Insert Field: Unsubscribe to see how to do so quickly and easily.


NOTE You can also create new content from a template.


For a video tutorial Creating Content for a Mailing, click here.