Content: Insert URL: URL


See Content: Insert URL: for more information about clickthrough tracking URLs.


Destination URL

The URL you'd like recipients to be taken to when they click on the tracking URL. For example, if you're advertising a product, and would like to track who actually goes to the page displaying that product, make the destination URL your Web site's URL for that product.




Link to Mailing

You can also include a link recipients can click to see the HTML message in a web browser. The tag %%url.mailing%% will merge a unique link for each recipient, which, when clicked, will take the recipient to a fully merged version of the message. To insert this link, click the Link to Mailing.button.


(optional) URL Report Description

Describe your trackable URL. This description is not seen by message recipients, so describe the URL in a way that will help you to identify it later in Reports.






Note that once you give a particular URL a description, that description will be used as its URL Name in Reports from then on. Although you may give the same URL a different description when you insert it in the future, it will always be displayed in Reports with the original description. You cannot give the same URL different descriptions.


(optional) URL Report Group


A name for a group of URLs. If you provide the same report group name for a number of different URLs, you can see the results of all of those URLs as part of a report group






The URL will be formatted as follows:


%%track {} -name {anvil-ad} -group {anvils-top}%%