Utilities: Automated Messages: Autoresponders


An autoresponder is a ListManager email address that sends a specified document to the sender.


For instance, you can set up a "prices@lists.yourcompany.com" autoresponder that sends a price list to anyone who sends an email to prices@lists.yourcompany.com.


An autoresponder with information on how to unsubscribe or get in touch with someone at your organization is useful to have in the From: field of your content.


An autoresponder may also be used to automatically process complaints sent to you by an email provider.


Finding an Autoresponder

Twenty autoresponders are shown at a time. To view more, click Show more. Repeatedly clicking Show more will show greater numbers of autoresponders at a time.


You may change the sorting order of the autoresponders by clicking the up or down triangles next to Email or Title. By clicking the top triangle, the sort order will be ascending (a-z); clicking the bottom arrow makes the sort order descending (z-a). Click Next to see the next twenty autoresponders, Previousto see the last twenty.



The email address prefix for this autoresponder.



The title of this autoresponder.


Click on the drop-down box to select a different list's autoresponders, or to view all autoresponders for the server.


Viewing or Editing an Autoresponder

To view an autoresponder, click on the autoresponder's email prefix. You will be taken to the Utilities: Autoresponders: Edit Autoresponder page, where you can view or edit the autoresponder.


Copying an Autoresponder

Click Copy next to the autoresponder you'd like to copy.


Deleting an Autoresponder

Click Delete next to the autoresponder you'd like to delete. ListManager will ask you if you're sure before deleting the autoresponder.


Creating An Autoresponder

Click create new autoresponder to be taken to the Utilities: Autoresponders: New Autoresponder page.


Download as a File

Click on the disk icon to download your list of autoresponders in CSV format.