Mailings -- Overview


A mailing is a message you send to your entire list, or to segments you've created previously. You can create your message on the fly, or import contentyou've created previously.


**Note: As of ListManager 7.8, you can send as many concurrent mailings as your hardware will allow. There is no job limit based on SQL connections or the ListManager application itself. ListManager is not sending one mailing followed by another, etc.; rather it is sending multiple mailings concurrently.


To work with Mailings, in the left Navigation bar, click Mailings. You can:


Create new mailings

2. Approve mailings

Check the Mailing status for outgoing mailings, currently active mailings, completed mailings, or mail queues

4. Create Advanced Mailings, both triggeredand sequential

5. View the progress of your outgoing mailings

6. Send test mailings


Before sending out your message, you can test your mailing to see what the message will look like, and schedulewhen you'd like the message to be sent. You may also purge recipients who have received other messages, or send to a sampling of your list or segment.


Use trackingto see if recipients open your message, and if they can see messages in HTML. Later, you can see the success of your message in Reports.


Once you've created mailings, or received them via email, you may approve or delete them.


If you are moderating a discussion list (where members submit mailings to the list), the Approval Wizard helps you work quickly as you approve and delete mailings in the order in which they were submitted. You also have the option of deleting mailings with feedback so contributors know why their mailing was rejected. The Approval Summary shows you if any of your lists have mailings waiting to be approved.


All of your mailings, whether completed or being sent, may also be viewed in Mailings.


Notes for those upgrading from ListManager 5.0

If you are using the ListManager Mailings menu to create mailings for your list, ListManager will automatically set Enable Scripting to Admins Only if previously disabled, and change the Scripting Level to Full. For more information about these settings, see Utilities: List Settings: For Programmers: Email Scripting.