Content: Insert URL: Referral


This page is used to insert a URL that allows list members to refer others to this list (Referral Tracking). Note: You should first create a web form in Utilities: Web Forms: Referral Forms and an invitation in Content before inserting a referral into a message.


Invitation content

Choose the message that will be sent by ListManager when prospective members are invited to join from the drop-down menu. This message is a unit of content that you have created. We recommend you use the invitation template in Content to create your own custom invitation for members. For details on how to create this, see Content: New Content from Template.


Track opens

If you'd like to track how many invitees open the invitation message they receive, select yes for Track Opens. Note that opens can only be tracked by recipients who open their emails in HTML.


Detect HTML capability

If you'd like to track how many invitees are able to see HTML, select yes for Detect HTML Capability. Click view current totals to see how many members have been detected as having HTML capability. This helps you to see approximately how many of the invitees out of the current members will have HTML capability, and therefore you will have the ability to track their opens.


HTML referral form

Choose the web form that members will use to list the names and email addresses of friends to whom they'd like to recommend your list from the drop-down menu. Before using this feature, this form must be created in Utilities: Web Forms: Referral Forms: New Referral Form.


Destination URL

The URL those who refer members are taken to after filling out the referral form. If no URL is specified, users are taken to a default page thanking them for referring members.