Utilities: Automated Messages: Document Associations


Document Associations are used to associate a document created in Document Content with a message type, language, and list. These are messages sent to users in response to certain actions, such as joining a list which results in a "hello" message, or leaving a list which results in a "goodbye" message.


To create a new document association, see Utilities: Document Associations: New Document Association.


In addition to associating a document with a particular message type for a list, the same association can be made for the current site or the entire server, depending on your admin privileges. Associations made at site and server levels are inherited by the lists and sites under them unless overridden by an association at a lower level. For example, a site administrator can associate a hello document for all lists under that site, but a list administrator can override that association at the list level.


Document Association Types


Duplicate List Posting Rejection Document




Notification that a prospective member must confirm a request to join the list.


Delivery report

Delivery status notification optionally sent to administrators.



Notification that a member has been unsubscribed from a list.



Notification that a member's email address is held due to too many successive undeliverable messages.



Notification that a member has successfully joined a list.



Notification that a request to join a list is pending approval by an administrator.


Reset Password

Message with instructions on how to reset a lost password.


Reset Password from Discussion Forum Interface



Unsubscribe Confirmation

Notification that an unsubscribing member must confirm that request to be removed from a list.


Message sent when a private list subscription is approved by an admin




Finding Document Associations

Twenty message types for the list you are currently logged into are displayed at one time. To view more, click Show more. Repeatedly clicking Show more will show greater numbers of message types at a time.


You may change the sorting order of the associations by clicking the up or down triangles next to Message Type, Document Title, and Default. By clicking the top triangle, the sort order will be ascending (a-z); clicking the bottom arrow makes the sort order descending (z-a). Click Next to see the next twenty content units, Previous to see the last twenty. Click on the drop-down box to see the documents for other lists, and the site or server if you have administration privileges to do so.


Message Type

The type of document association this is (confirm, goodbye, held, hello, private; see below for details on these). To edit a document association, click on the message type link.


Document Title

The actual name of the document, as set in the Contents "Content Name" field.


Is Default?

Displays whether or not this is the default document association for each type. The yes/no default setting is on the Edit Document Associations page. Note that you can have multiple document associations set up for different languages, but if it is set as default = Yes, then this will be the default for all languages.


Viewing or Editing An Existing Document Association

To view a message, click on the message type link. Here you can:



Deleting a Document Association

Click Delete next to the document you'd like to delete. ListManager will ask you if you're sure before deleting the document.


Creating a New Document Association

Click create new to be taken to Utilities: Document Associations: New Document Association.