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You can view information about organizations on the System Tools page. Admins can also create organizations and users on this page.

Tip: For information about creating an organization, see Creating an Organization.

To Open the System Tools Page

The System Tools page opens in a new tab as shown in the following illustration. 


To View Organization Details

The Organization Details page opens. For more information, see Organization Details Page.

To Search for an Organization

1. In the Tools section, click User Search.


In the Organizations section, click search.

The Organization Search page opens.

2. In the Search field, type the name of the organization you want to find.

As you type, the list of organizations narrows to display all organizations that contain the text you type. For example, if you have an organization called Acme Widget and one called Acme Tools, as you type Acme, the list displays both Acme Widget and Acme Tools.