Installing Service Pack 3a for MSDE


If you are using ListManager with MSDE, Lyris Technologies recommends that you install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a for MSDE so your server cannot be compromised by the Slammer Worm.


To install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 for MSDE:


1. Shut down ListManager and MSDE.

2. Backup your database. View backup instructions.

3. Download SQL2KDeskSP3.exe and double-click the file. You will be prompted to create a SQL2KSP3 folder on your c: drive.

4. After the files are extracted in the SQL2KSP3 directory, use the command line to change to the SQL2KSP3/MSDE directory.

5. From the command prompt, run the following command:

setup /upgradesp sqlrun SECURITYMODE=SQL UPGRADEUSER=sa UPGRADEPWD=yourpasswd


* Keep in mind this might take several minutes to update.


6. Restart MSDE and ListManager.


7. If ListManager has problems connecting to MSDE, run the SQL Server Network Utility to enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes for the enabled protocols. To do so:


    Click Start

    Click Run

    Enter SVRNETCN.EXE, and click ok.

    Add TCP/IP and Named Pipes for the Enabled Protocols.

If you are running a version of MSDE other than the version bundled with ListManager, you should contact the vendor who distributed your version of MSDE for upgrade and patching instructions.

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