Newsgroups (NNTP)


Messages saved in ListManager's archives can be accessed using NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) . Newsgroups allow people to use an NNTP reader (such as that provided with Outlook) to read messages in a list's archives without going to the ListManager web interface.


The hostname to access ListManager via NNTP is the same as for your ListManager server. For example, if the URL to ListManager is, enter where the newsreader asks for the news (NNTP) server.


NNTP is a feature of ListManager Pro or Enterprise, and is unavailable for standard ListManager. Contact your account representative at if you'd like to upgrade to ListManager Pro or Enterprise.


NNTP Access

ListManager's NNTP function supports authentication and authorization. The same settings controlling access to the Discussion Forum Interface control NNTP access.


NNTP will only be available if your list is set to keep archives. Without archives, no messages will be displayed.


If the list allows visitors, non-members will be able to access the list via NNTP without actually subscribing to the list. If not, members will need provide the correct email address and password in their newsgroup client.


Only those IP addresses granted access to the Discussion Forum Interface in Utilities: Administration: Server: Server Settings: Security: Web: TCP/IP for Discussion Forum Interface will have access to the list via NNTP. In addition, NNTP must be enabled in Utilities: Administration: Server: Server Settings: Advanced: Enable Newsgroups.


If your list requires users must log in to access the list, the messages users view will be personalized if there are mail merge tags in the messages.