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The Edit Site pages are identical to the New Site pages.


Site Name

A single word (without spaces) which identifies the site. For convenience, a shorter name is better. You can use the underscore or dash characters to represent spaces, such as "yourcompany_group".



A short set of words describing your site. For example "Your Company Software Ltd.". This is the text users will see in places where your site description is given.


Internet Host Name

The machine name that you want ListManager to use for this site. For example, if you have created a DNS entry for the domain "lm.example.com" pointing to this machine, you may enter that name here.


The host name specified here will be merged in by ListManager for various email addresses for this site, such as the email unsubscribe address, error mail address, list owner address, etc.


The internet host name is also used by ListManager as the HELO text for this particular site.


It is vital that you enter a valid internet host name. If you enter an invalid internet host name, replies and error mail will not be routed correctly to this machine. For example, if you entered "ophelia.example.com" as the host name, but this host name pointed to another machine, messages sent from ListManager would have an incorrect bounce address and thus ListManager would not receive any error mail.


The ability to specify a different internet host name for each site allows different divisions or companies to share the same ListManager server.


URL to Web Interface

This setting determines the path clickthroughs and other tracking use when they are merged in your mailings. By default, the host name of the machine ListManager is installed on will be displayed. Example:




This setting does not determine the URL that administrators or discussion forum interface users use to access your server. That is determined by any DNS entries your ISP or sys admin has created for your ListManager server.


See Logging In and Accessing and Logging into the Discussion Forum Interface for more information about the ListManager URL. If you have a high volume of clickthroughs or other tracking, your network administrator may have set up other web servers to handle the load. If that is the case, enter the URL of the other web servers that should be used for clicktracking.If you have an SSL certificate for your ListManager web server, you may use https: for the URL.


Enable WYSIWYG Editor?

Specifies whether the HTML WYSIWYG editor should be enabled. By default, it is enabled. Select No to disable the HTML WYSIWYG editor for all lists for this site.


Limit to License Level

This setting is only visible to server administrators. When configuring sites, server administrators can decrease the features of a site to either the Enterprise, Pro, or Standard level. The license capability set for the "current list" that you are logged into will apply at the site.


This allows site-based license decreases, where a particular site can have a lower license level (i.e. Pro or Standard) than that set at the server level.


Note that server administrators will still have access to the full feature set allowed by the license, and will need to log in as a list administrator to see that the license level has been limited.


Hide Emails in MRI?

Select this to prevent emails from appearing in the Discussion Forum a/k/a "MRI."