Keywords That Can Interfere With a Mailing


If a member of your mailing list has an email address that contains a keyword reserved by ListManager, email to that address may fail.


Starting with LM 11.1b, these regex definitions are contained in a file in the dist directory called "InitRegex.txt". Having these definitions in an external file allows you to modify any definitions that are problematic. The InitRegex.txt file is uploaded at LM startup. When modifying this file, make sure you do not allow mail through that should be caught as error mail.


If any invalid regex expressions exist in the file at the time of upload, a warning in the log shows which regex expression is in error. The warning also shows the default value that is used instead of the invalid expression.


You can reload InitRegex.txt on a running LM server via a new Tclport command - InitRegexReload. Any errors will show in the LM log.


Another Tclport command, InitRegexValidate, can be used to validate your InitRegex.txt file before upload. This verifies that each regex statement is valid. If all the statements are valid, the command will display the "InitRegex.txt is valid" message. If there are any errors, the command will display the "The following lines in InitRegex.txt contain errors: " message and then list all errors.


Here is a list of reserved keywords, formatted as regular expressions for easy searching:


first lines of message:

"^[ \r\n\t]*LOGIN"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*LOGON"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*DELETE"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*UNSUBSCRIBE"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*REMOVE"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*PLEASE REMOVE"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*PLEASE DELETE"
"\\|^[ \r\n\t]*PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE";




"\\|ABWESENHEITSNOTIZ"// german vacation notification