The Main Templates Page


Finding Templates

Twenty content templates for the list are displayed in Templates. To view more than twenty templates at a time, click Show more. Repeatedly clicking Show more will show greater numbers of templates at a time. Click Next to see the next twenty templates, Previous to see the last twenty.


You may change the sorting order of the templates by clicking the up or down triangles next to Name and Description. By clicking the top triangle, the sort order will be ascending (a-z); clicking the bottom arrow makes the sort order descending (z-a).


Template Types

By default, the Templates Page displays templates you have created ("Your templates"). To view ListManager's built-in sample templates, click the Your Templates box and then select Built-In Templates. The built-in templates cannot be edited.


Viewing or Editing Existing Templates

To view/edit a template, click the Edit command for the template.


Testing Existing Templates

Click Test next to the content you'd like to test. ListManager will show you the header, text message and HTML message.


Copying Templates

Click Copy next to the content you'd like to copy. ListManager will show you the old name and description, and will ask you the new name and description you'd like. It will also ask you which list to which you'd like to copy the content.


Deleting Templates

Click Delete next to the content you'd like to remove. ListManager will ask you if you're sure before deleting the content.


Creating New Templates

To create a new template, click create new template.


Download as a File

Click on the disk icon to download your template in CSV format.


For a video tutorial on Creating a Template, click here.