Content: Insert URL: Survey



A survey form can be inserted into your content via the Insert URL: Survey tab.


HTML survey form

Displays the available survey forms for this list, site, and server, depending on your access rights. List administrators can see List surveys only, Site administrators can see List and Site surveys, and Server administrators can see List, Site, and Server surveys. Select the correct survey form to insert into the content from the drop-down menu. In order for survey forms to appear on this drop-down menu, they must first be created in Utilities: Web Forms: Surveys.


Clickable text

The visible text you'd like users to be able to click on in order to access the survey form. For example, the clickable text could be "Take our survey".


Track survey clicks?

Specifies whether clicks on the survey link should be tracked. By default, this setting is set to no. To track how many recipients click on the survey link, select yes. The results will identified in the clickthrough tracking results by the survey's name (assigned when the survey was created).