Discussion Lists



Web interface: Makes it easy for people to subscribe, leave and change their settings. Can also search, read and contribute from the web.


Fast text searching: All archives can be indexed for fast searching.


Confirmation: An "are you sure you want to join" message can be sent to new subscribers to confirm their email address and ensure someone else did not subscribe them as a prank.


Compatible: Accepts most list server commands.


Protected membership: Mailing lists can be set up so that new members must


Visitors: Mailing lists can allow visitors to read and search the archives on the web, but they cannot contribute to the group.


Multi-lingual: Supports mailing lists in a number of languages


Spam protection: Number-moderating feature virtually eliminates spam. By requiring new members to have their first message approved, you can keep spammers from joining your list just to spam it.


Moderating: Supports several moderating models. All members can be moderated, selected members can be moderated, and selected members can be unmoderated (while everyone else still is).


Number moderating: An option for new members to have their first few messages approved; thereafter they can contribute unmoderated.


Web based moderating: You can approve or reject messages using the web interface.


Date moderating: Can have moderated messages be automatically approved after a given time period.