Utilities: Administration: Administrators: Permission Groups


The default list, site and server administration levels are all many ListManager users need. However, some require more granular administration capabilities, such as the ability to restrict some admins to only creating content, or only viewing reports.


Permission groups allow customizable access to ListManager's administrative interface by allowing or denying administrators access to particular ListManager interface URLs. ListManager includes several permission groups, which may be edited.


Once a permission group has been created, administrators can then be assigned to it in Utilities: Administration: Administrators.


Administrators assigned to a permission group will be able to access those ListManager administrator interface pages permitted to the group. Attempts to access restricted page will display a message saying the administrator does not have permission to access that particular page.


Permission Groups is an Enterprise level feature. To upgrade your license, please contact your Lyris sales representative at sales@lyris.com.


Permission Group Features and Limitations

To prevent administrators from being inadvertently locked out of ListManager, the ListManager homepage and the login page are always accessible to all administrators, regardless of any rules created to deny access to these URLs.



Finding Permission Groups

Twenty permission groups are displayed at one time. To view more, click Show more. Repeatedly clicking Show more will show greater numbers of groups at a time.


You may change the sorting order of the permission groups by clicking the up or down triangles next to Group and Description. By clicking the top triangle, the sort order will be ascending (a-z); clicking the bottom arrow makes the sort order descending (z-a). Click Next to see the next twenty permission groups, Previous to see the last twenty.


ListManager includes several default permission groups:



Viewing Or Editing An Existing Permission Group

To view the rules set for a particular permission group, click on the group name. This takes you to the Utilities: Administration: Administrators: Permission Groups: Permission Rules page, where all the rules for this group are displayed.


Renaming Permission Groups

Click "rename" next to the desired group to change the name of the group. This takes you to the Utilities: Administration: Administrators: Permission Groups: Rename Permission Group page. The description can be edited here as well.


Copying Permission Groups

Click Copy next to the permission group you'd like to copy. ListManager will show you the old name, and will ask you for the new name. The default copy name is the original permission group name with "-copy" added to the end. The permission group created will have all of the settings and rules of the old group.


Deleting Permission Groups

Click Delete next to the permission group you'd like to delete. All the rules for the group will also be displayed and deleted. ListManager will ask you if you're sure before deleting the group.


Creating a New Permission Group

Click on create new group. You will be taken to the Utilities: Administration: Administrators: Permission Groups: New Permission Group page.


Download as a File

Click on the disk icon to download your list of permission groups in CSV format.